About us

Bee Industrious was established back in December 2016 by our Managing Director Nick Richardson. Having become increasingly aware of the power of insight in decision making, but having grown tired of working with research companies, Nick decided this was the right time to take a leap in faith and utilise his vast experience in the research & insights industry to follow his dream and launch Bee Industrious. Over Christmas 2016 the foundations were laid, finances were sought and the pitching began.

By April 2017 Bee Industrious was literally buzzing. The team increased to five, our website was launched and the number of clients and partners aspiring to collaborate with us was at an all-time high. Although highly proud of our Manchester heritage here at Bee Industrious we are constantly looking for ways to spread our wings and moving forward we are aiming for a future that will see us develop a strong international presence and hoping for a future that will involve YOU!