Bee Industrious Open Offices in the Middle East

Bee Industrious, the market research and insights specialist, has today announced it is opening a Middle East office in Dubai as part of its global expansion plans. The announcement is the latest in a string of exciting developments that has seen the agency of 40-strong research and insight specialists grow rapidly and receive critical acclaim for their work.

The Middle East operation will be headed by Ali Faour, a seasoned expert in Public Relations and in research and insights about customer behaviour across multiple industries. With extensive experience in working with multinationals, Ali is recognised for his customer-focus and his understanding of the intricacies of conducting business in multi-cultural environments.

Managing Director of Bee Industrious Nick Richardson comments: “I have worked in the region before and have always been impressed by the how fast Dubai has developed into a global powerhouse. This is not a market that we can neglect, and our clients are increasingly asking for better insights into this fast-faced environment.”

Ali Faour heads his own private consulting firm and has been working in the region for the last 22 years. He added: “Having witnessed the region’s unprecedented growth and helped Fortune 100 companies navigate the constantly changing market dynamics, I am delighted to be working with Bee Industrious and to be able to provide clients with the kind of information that can transform the way that they do business here. The advantage lies in being able to combine methodologies to suit client requirements and to provide the versatility and the expertise that they need to make informed decisions that are influenced by a dynamic mix of different cultures, nationalities, religions, and social factors.”

Bee Industrious has enjoyed tremendous growth since its inception, and expansion into the Middle East off the back of launching offices in Africa and North America is a key step in building international reach.

Richardson adds: “My vision for Bee Industrious is to offer our clients the service of a local agency supported by the resources and the capabilities of a larger international agency.  Our focus is now to work with Ali to build up the operation of our Bee Industrious Dubai operation and to expand on the services that we are able to deliver to clients based on their needs and requirements.”

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