Bee Industrious Appoints Product Manager for Kids Insights

Bee Industrious the market research and insights specialist based in Manchester, with offices in Lagos (Nigeria) and New York have announced the appointment of Jonathan Watson as Kids Insights Product Manager. The new role will see Jonathan oversee the development of Kids Insights (

Kids Insights which was launched in August by Bee Industrious is the largest research resource focussing on the kids, tweens and teens market in the UK – with more than 400 “4-18 year olds” surveyed every week (20,000 per annum) which results in Kids Insights producing 16 On-Track reports. Kids Insights will be launching other products later this year.

Nick Richardson, Founder and Managing Director of Bee Industrious comments,

“Our vision for Kids Insights is to provide our clients with access to dynamic, data and insight led reports, and we came to the conclusion that we needed to structure our business differently and have a Product Manager overseeing the delivery of our current products and services, but to also work closely with our researchers, partners and clients to develop future products and services. Jonathan joined us earlier this year and since joining us he has excelled, not only producing amazing work but demonstrating a commitment and determination to play such an important role in delivering a number of client projects and all of the hardwork which has been going on behind the scenes to launch Kids Insights. Considering his skills, future aspirations and the key role he has already played we are delighted to appoint him as Kids Insights Product Manager”


Jonathan adds,

“I am delighted to be given the opportunity to help take Kids Insights to the next level. We already produce the most comprehensive and up to date reports on this sector, but this is just the beginning of our plans.”


Bee Industrious are currently recruiting for a number of roles including a Research Executive and Sales & Marketing Coordinator, for further details please visit the Careers section and for more information on Kids Insights please visit

Bee Industrious Launches Kids Insights

Bee Industrious the market research and insights specialist based in Manchester, with offices in Lagos (Nigeria) and New York has today launched Kids Insights (

Kids Insights is the largest and most dynamic market research and insights resource on kids, tweens and teens in the UK – with the vision of providing marketers with the most comprehensive range of “real-time” resources on the consumption and behavioural trends of 4-18 year olds in the UK.

Each week, Kids Insights survey more than 400 kids, tweens and teens a week (5,000 a quarter) between the ages of 4-18 years of age and each quarter produce four in-depth On-Track insight reports “Screen Scape”, “Leisure Measure”, “Reach Meter” and “Trend Alert”. These contain expert insight led commentary making them the most comprehensive and regular reports of their kind in the UK.

Screen Scape: is the definitive digital report into kids’ content specifically what kids are watching, playing and talking about!

Leisure Measure: is the definitive guide to what kids are doing offline, from how they spend their time, who they spend their time with and what they enjoy doing and what they are currently consuming.

Reach Meter: provides a detailed look into kids’ online behaviour – providing a detailed understanding of their online behaviour by day, time, and seeing which platforms are successful in engaging kids.

Trend Alert: looks into what the latest trends are in the world of kids, and looks to identify what has caused these trends, and what kids think will be the next big thing!

A subscription to all four reports per quarter (16 reports in total) is available for £20,000 a year.

Nick Richardson, Founder and Managing Director of Bee Industrious comments,

“Kids Insights is designed for the modern-day needs and requirements of marketers. The On-Track reports are designed to be insight led, with a focus on the why and not just the data. The reports are designed to have both key snippets of bitesize information for executives but also more comprehensive datasets for data hungry marketers”

Kids Insights also offer bespoke research and insight solutions for companies and have a number of projects not just in the UK but also in international markets, and from the 1st January 2018 Kids Insights will be launching an online portal enabling subscribers of the On-Track data to have access to “real-time” data which will be collected every week from more than 400 kids, tweens and teens.

Richardson adds,

“Ultimately, we are a solution based organisation and when we spoke to our existing and potential subscribers we identified that there was a need for access to the data in “real-time”, so our development team started to build a database and portal which will provide that. The database and portal is built and working – and we are currently testing and fine tuning from a usability experience. The plan is to make a free demo available on later this year before launching the full service on the 1st January 2018”

For further information on the reports, and to request a sample report and demonstration of the portal please visit

Bee Industrious Joins Pro Manchester

Bee Industrious Joins Pro Manchester

Bee Industrious the market research and insights specialist based in Manchester, with offices in Lagos (Nigeria) and New York have joined Pro-Manchester the largest business development organisation in the North West representing financial and professional service and the wider business community.

Over 280 companies are pro-manchester members, including the biggest names within the financial and professional service sector and a select number of corporate members from across the region. Within these companies sit over 5,000 of the best and brightest professional individuals in the city.

Nick Richardson Managing Director of Bee Industrious comments,

“We are delighted to be joining pro-manchester as we look to show our commitment to the city, continue to build our reputation and develop relationships with fellow business leaders in this fantastic city. Since we launched we have been amazed by the support and success we have enjoyed which has seen us win some exciting and significant projects with national and international clients –but this is just the start of our ambitious plans, and we are exciting to be launching a new division later this month”

Bee Industrious is enjoying a stellar start since launching earlier this year, with it providing research and insights services to brands such as Quintessential Brands, SuperAwesome, National Food & Skills Academy and the International Trade Council. It was also last month announced as finalist in the 2017 Venturefest Showcase Awards which will take place at the Bridgwater Hall in September, and chosen to take part in the acclaimed NatWest backed Entrepreneurial Spark Programme.

Bee Industrious Named As Venturefest 2017 Finalists!

Bee Industrious the market research and insights specialist based in Manchester, with offices in Nigeria and New York has been named as finalists in the 2017 Venturefest Showcase competition, with the final set to take place in September.

The awards, which showcase innovative products and services in the Greater Manchester region’s most  progressive SME’s,  give investors the opportunity to be part of the next big thing.


Nick Richardson, Managing Director of Bee Industrious comments,

“All of us at Bee Industrious are absolutely delighted to have made the finals of Venturefest 2017. The hard work, collaboration and innovation of our core team and partners has been key in helping us achieve so much since our launch earlier this year. Whilst we are thrilled with our progress to date, this is only the start of our ambitious plans for the future”

The judges were particularly impressed with Bee Industrious’ phenomenal growth since launching, its investment in innovation and the success which its kids’ insights reports have had since their launch.  This is the second accolade for Manchester based Bee Industrious who have recently been selected to take part in the Entrepreneurial Spark programme.

For further information on the event which takes place on Thursday 14th September 2017 at the Bridgwater Hall, Manchester, please visit

Introducing… Richard

Name: Richard Craig

Data Architect: Design and Implementation of data solutions and database administration



20 years as Database Administrator and Team Lead for financial institutions in London.


Can you describe Bee Industrious in three words?

Forward Thinking Data




What is the best book you have ever read?

Lord of the Rings


What is the best place you have travelled to?

Bolivian Salt Flats (Atacama Desert)


Where would like to travel to next?



Where is your hometown?

Exmouth, Devon


What would you do for a career if you weren’t doing this?

Drone Photography


Favourite quote:

I have found this spoon (Monty Python)

Best part of my job is… Creating a game changing products for the sectors which we work in.


Worst part of my job is… The commute!


What advice would you give to your self 10 years ago?

Ensure you enjoy your job!


If given a chance, who would you like to be for the day?

Bit younger version of David Attenborough


What is on your bucket list?

Wildlife Safari in Africa


What would you like to be famous for?

Pulitzer prize winning photography

Bee Industrious Selected for Entrepreneurial Spark Programme

Bee Industrious the market research and insights specialist based in Manchester, with offices in Nigeria and New York has been selected to take part in the “Entrepreneurial Spark” programme: the world’s largest free people accelerator for start-up and scale-up businesses.

The programme (which is powered by NatWest) is designed to inspire and enable positive social change through the action of ‘Entrepreneuring’. The programme is also supported by KPMG Enterprise, Dell Technologies, Harper Macleod and Pinsent Masons.


The programme will see the Bee Industrious senior management team take part in an extensive programme of training and development, as well as having use of a second office in Manchester City Centre in the Spinningfields district.

Nick Richardson, Managing Director of Bee Industrious comments,

“We are absolutely delighted and honoured to have been selected for the highly acclaimed Entrepreneurial Spark programme. Our business plan is for rapid growth and this programme will be key in assisting us develop a business which is not only scalable but also sustainable”


Bee Industrious will begin the 6-month programme in August 2017. For more information on the programme please visit

Bee Industrious Managing Director Joins Warrington Disability Board

Bee Industrious Managing Director Joins Warrington Disability Board

Nick Richardson, Managing Director of Bee Industrious the market research and insights agency has been elected as a member of Warrington Disability Partnership (WDP) the internationally acclaimed charity.

WDP is an internationally acclaimed user led charity, with over 25 years’ experience of developing and delivering a range of 27 mobility and independent living services, which aim to support disabled people and people living with long term health conditions. WDP have a team of over 40 staff and nearly 200 volunteers believe that quality information, advice and guidance are the main keys to independent living.

Nick joins as a member of the board to assist the development of the charity, bringing significant experience in audience insight, marketing and fundraising.

Dave Thompson, CEO of Warrington Disability Partnership comments,

“We are delighted to welcome Nick to the WDP board. We are sure his experience and skills will really help us to achieve our plans for further development of the organisation”

Nick adds,

“I am delighted to be joining the WDP Board. From the first time I met Dave I was instantly impressed with his desire and passion, and the more I found out about the charity and their work, the more I wanted to help. When Dave and John asked me to join the board I had no hesitation in accepting”

For more information on Warrington Disability Partnership please visit

Better Market Research Will Help You Prosper

Better Market Research Will Help You Prosper 

As part of an exciting new initiative, Bee Industrious was asked by the International Trade Council to write an article on the importance of market research for their 2.4 million newsletter subscribers. Here it is… 

What is insight-driven market research?


Any business that is genuinely focussed on their customers will place market research at the centre of their business.

At its most basic level, market research involves the systematic gathering of information on people, markets or enterprises. The next part, which is more difficult but also more important, involves interpreting the data to extract key insights.

Most organisations have ample amounts of data to deal with. If they don’t have enough information now – they will in the very near future. Thanks to the internet we operate in a world where businesses can access huge amounts of publically available data for free. On top of this, modern businesses generate vast quantities of their own data from multiple customer touch points.

Market Reseach Manchester

If businesses have an abundant amount of data at their fingertips, what they really need is more insight from this information.

Uncovering smart insights from data involves interpreting the relevant information in such a way that we can discover new facts that have not yet been exploited, but when utilised help grow profits.

The best insights are simple, but not obvious. They are both practical and actionable.

A modern market researcher should not only be able to collect accurate and valid information but be able to turn this data into actionable recommendations.



Why do I need market research?


The global marketplace in which we live in is characterised by strong competition, a constantly evolving marketplace and increasingly demanding customers.

Whether you are excited about the opportunities presented by global events such as Brexit or the new US administration or worried about the threats they pose, there is no arguing about their disruptive effects.

A report from PwC (2015) found that one in three global CEOs believe a potential competitor to their business is emerging (or could emerge) from the tech sector. Two-thirds of global CEOs can see that technology will disrupt their core provision of products and services.

In an increasingly uncertain world, the value of market research and genuine insight rises. Intense competition and a volatile marketplace mean organisations need to have quality information on hand to inform decision making. It is fundamentally important to have accurate knowledge of your customers and their ever changing needs and concerns.



How can market research help my business?


Effective market research is the perfect way to gain a better understanding of a whole range of factors that affect your business.

Market research can enable you to understand the needs of your existing customers so that you can improve their customer experience and journey. It can help you understand exactly why your customers choose you over your competitors.


Intelligent market research can help you benchmark the performance of your business against your rivals – enabling you to develop a strategy to stay one step ahead of your competitors. Evaluating your rivals could be as simple as undertaking a basic SWOT analysis to determine the respective strengths and weaknesses of each other. Perhaps it may involve a more complex multi-channel approach, utilising depth-interviews with competitors’ customers, secret shopping exercises and even news and social media monitoring.

Reliable research can empower you to identify new opportunities and areas ripe for expansion. It can also minimise the potential risks involved with entering into a new market with a new product or service.



How can I ensure my market research is effective?


If you are undertaking your own market research exercise, there are a few things you should consider, to ensure you get it right:


  1. The first step should always involve defining the problem in a clear and precise way, so that the research has a focus. This is simple, but crucial.


  1. Fieldwork and data collection. How will you collect the data you require to solve the problem? Popular methods usually include surveys, focus groups or depth interviews. The most effective projects tend to incorporate all of these, to build up a complete and accurate picture of what is happening. If the different methods are providing the same results – there is a good chance the results are valid. At this stage, it is also important to consider your data sample. Does it accurately reflect the audience you wish to capture?


  1. Data analysis and reporting. Here it is crucial to not only analyse, graph and comment on the data, but to extract as many valuable insights as possible. It is important to explain the data and not just describe the information. By asking why certain things are happening, it is possible to determine the underlying causes of trends.




At Bee Industrious, we collaborate with our clients instilling confidence, certainty and clarity in them. We ensure they receive highly informative commentary & insights and aspire to help them profit and prosper from opportunities, wherever they may lie.

Based out of Manchester (UK), we work with clients from around the globe in many different sectors. Our team of researchers have significant experience and can undertake projects in more than 11 languages.

If you would like assistance with your market research & insights, we would be delighted to hear from you.


18th Annual Global CEO Survey (PwC, 2015)




Insight Blog: Millennial Trends – Microinfluencers

Goodbye celebrity endorsements. Hello Microinfluencers.

Paying for Celebrity Endorsements is so “yesterday”, when targeting the younger generation.


Last week, a participant in one of our focus groups for young Millennials told us:


“It’s so obvious when celebrities are getting paid to advertise a product. Reality TV stars will advertise anything!”


And she’s right. We live in a world where transparency and authenticity are two of the most important values to shrewd younger consumers. The emergence of these key values has seen Microinfluencers become a key tactic for marketers to use.


 Image: It was reported that a brand who paid Kim Kardashian to tweet her 15 million followers about their product saw just 1200 resulting website hits. Gizmondo reports that on average, celebrities receive around $75,000 for a sponsored post like this one above on Instagram.


Microinfluencers, who can be found on social media posting about their niche interests, tend to have a follower count which reaches into the thousands or tens of thousands. And whilst this is relatively modest when compared to more mainstream celebrities, the level of influence appears to have far greater reticence.


We see Microinfluencers on YouTube, posting daily videos of themselves playing the latest video games, others ‘vlog’ about sports or post make-up tutorials. Travellers share their photos and stories on Instagram. Health & fitness fanatics set trends on Twitter. Sports mad fans share opinions and news on Facebook.

Younger consumers are both socially and digitally savvy, which means they gravitate towards online content that suits their specific needs.


Whilst their special interests (and social media platforms of choice) vary, Microinfluencers have one thing in common – a highly engaged follower base.


Microinfluencers enjoy a highly-engaged following thanks to a deep understanding and respect for their digital audience. This enables them to consistently and effortlessly share content which their followers love.


An engaged loyal audience is great news for marketers.


A recent study by Markerly analysed 5 million Instagram posts and discovered that as a user’s total follower count rises, their rate of engagement (people who like and comment on a post) falls. They report that Instagram users with less than 1000 followers typically receive likes on their content 8% of the time. This eventually falls to 1.6% for followers who have 10+ million followers.


This suggests there is a ‘sweet spot’ between the range of ten thousand and one hundred thousand followers, where there is a perfect combination between both engagement rates and content reach.


The explanation for this theory is relatively straightforward. If, for example, a health food brand was to pay an A-list celebrity with 10 million followers to endorse their product on social media, the content would reach a huge audience. However, chances are the vast majority of these 10 million people would have no interest in new health food products.


It could be much more productive (not to mention better value) to recruit 50 Microinfluencers, tasked with providing marketing content to their highly engaged, but smaller follower base, that is of course, as long as they like the product that they are reviewing.





At Bee Industrious, we collaborate with our clients instilling confidence, certainty and clarity in them. We ensure they receive highly informative commentary & insights and aspire to help them profit and prosper from opportunities, wherever they may lie.

Based out of Manchester (UK), we work with clients from around the globe in many different sectors. Our team of researchers have significant experience and can undertake projects in more than 11 languages.

If you would like assistance with your market research & insights, we would be delighted to hear from you.




Bee Industrious Launch Nigeria Office

Bee Industrious has opened a Nigerian office in a major partnership with Nigerian based Richardson Group, one of the most respected professional suppliers to the Oil & Gas Industry in West Africa. The Bee Industrious office will be co-located with Richardson Group, and is the result of a long-term strategic partnership agreement will see them run the Bee Industrious Nigeria office, led by Akin Osuntoki. The partnership will also see Bee Industrious become the official research & insights partner to the coveted annual Richardson Oil & Gas HSE event in Lagos.

Managing Director of Bee Industrious Nick Richardson comments “I have known and worked with Akin for nearly 4 years and during that time I have been highly impressed by the capabilities Akin and his team possess. Having spent a significant amount of time in West Africa and specifically Nigeria over the last few years, I have no doubt Akin and his team can build our West African business to a significant level, in a region which has a significant need for first class research & insight support.”

Akin Osuntoki, CEO of Richardson Group comments “We have worked with Nick on several projects in Nigeria. Nick is highly professional and possesses lots of energy and enthusiasm.  His drive and determination is ‘infectious’ and it is these attributes that account for the remarkable success he has so far encountered in his profession. We are delighted to partner with him and launch Bee Industrious in West Africa”

The partnership is an important part of the aggressive expansion plans that Bee Industrious has put into place.  Richardson adds “My vision for Bee Industrious is to offer our clients the service of a boutique agency matched with the scope and resilience of a larger international agency.  Our focus is now to work with Akin to recruit a team for our Bee Industrious Nigeria office”