Introducing… Dr Liz Harrison

Bee Industrious, the Manchester-based market research and insights specialist are delighted to welcome Dr Liz Harrison to the team.

Dr Liz is joining the team as Senior Research Director after a successful career in the research & insights industry working for companies such as Aldi, Co-operative Group and McCann.

Liz brings a rich wealth of knowledge, and specializes in helping businesses to deeply understand their customers and use that understanding to create more customer satisfaction and increased profitability.

Liz has directed the customer strategy and insight for Aldi and the Co-operative Group and now shares her knowledge with businesses of all sizes. Additionally, Liz boasts an empathetic and fun approach to working with her clients helping them to achieve clarity, impact and significant return on investment.

Dr Liz is excited at the potential of the business:

“I am looking forward to working with Bee Industrious as I believe we share the same vision.

As a senior insight and strategy professional, I am a passionate customer advocate and have a track record of delivering customer insight that aids decision making.

Simply put, I strive to deliver ‘growth’.  My work is all about understanding and building relationships between businesses and people.”

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